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Full Floor Board replacement or replace selected boards

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Replace all your steps or selected ones




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Replace all top railings or selected ones

Deck Resurfacing

- keep your old wood deck, but restore it to a new, virtually maintenance free, Trex composite-like deck, for a fraction of the cost.

-A complete cleaning of your deck with a special anti-mold, anti-fungal wash, that treats the wood and prevents mold and mildew from coming back.

-Re-securing your deck to make sure all floorboards, rails and stairs are completely safe (countersink nails and replace with screws when necessary).

-Replace any deck boards and rails that can't be saved.

-Apply our special apoxy/elastomeric bondo filler to seal cracks and large imperfections.

-The deck is then hand sanded - this is very important as it takes off the top layer of old wood and gets down to the new fresh layer of wood underneath - it is like a "face lift" for your deck, restoring it to like-new condition, removing years of aging and bringing back a more refined grain. 

-The Deck is SEALED and COATED using a WEATHER RESISTANT durable coating. Made to withstand all four seasons in the DC, MD, & VA areas.